Thursday, 19 July 2012

#SaveTheRohingya Action 1.5

Angelina Jolie has been outspoken against genocide and has also already been very supportive of Burmese refugees. The Rohingyan people desperately need her voice now to speak out against this ethnic cleansing in order to get this story in the news which will help get these people the protection and food that they urgently need.

Please write to Angelina via her Facebook page and tell her what is happening. We need you to post messages and also write comments to posts on her page.

When you are done please tweet to the #SaveTheRohingya tag to tell everyone and also paste to your Facebook. Please also tweet @jamilahanan with your progress.

If we all act together we may be able to get the starving Rohingyan some food and save them from extinction!

Please help to #SaveTheRohingya 
Action 2.0 is coming soon!
If you missed action 1.4 it is here - please do that too!
Wondering what this is all about? You can read about the launch of the campaign and what we are doing here.

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