Thursday, 19 July 2012

#SaveTheRohingya Action 1.2

In Myanmar (Burma) there is currently a huge crisis with an estimated 90,000 displaced with thousands of homes burnt to the ground according to Human Rights Watch. The World Food Program is attempting to feed 100,000 but stated that it was looking to secure further funds for a 3 month feeding program. Our source on the ground tells us that the situation is desperate with people dying every day and there is no food left.

Please write to DEC (the Disasters Emergency Committee) and ask them to launch an urgent appeal to help save the Rohingya people. There are many people that want to donate but no charity is yet collecting funds to help get aid to these people in desperate need. DEC are well placed to co-ordinate such an appeal since they recently raised funds following a cyclone in Myanmar in 2008, and have also worked for war stricken areas such as Gaza and the Congo.

Please email and

If possible please also telephone +44 207 387 0200

Then please tweet to @decappeal and post a recommendation to their Facebook page.

When you are done please tweet to the #SaveTheRohingya tag to tell everyone and also paste to your Facebook. Please also tweet @jamilahanan with your progress.

If we all act together we may be able to get the starving Rohingyan some food!

Please help to #SaveTheRohingya

Action 1.3 is here. Please do it!
If you missed action 1.1 it is here. Please do that too!
Wondering what this is all about? You can read about the launch of the campaign and what we are doing here.

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