Wednesday, 18 July 2012

#SaveTheRohingya Action 1.1

The World Food Program estimated 90,000 people in Myanmar's (Burma) Northern Rakhine state are in need of food. On 19th June they said they had reached 60,000 in that past week, providing 2 day or in some cases up to 6 days of emergency food rations. They also stated that they were 'finalizing plans for a three-month food assistance operation that will require additional support from donors':

Our source said to us on 14th July that in his area people urgently needed food. On 17th July he pleaded with us and cried because they had no food left at all. He said up until then they had been eating 'green banana trees' (we think maybe he meant green bananas) and even they are gone now. He said their children are dying.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: our source also told us that on 14th July some food arrived in Sittwe from Myanmar capital city, but when 20 Muslims tried to get it 2000 Rakhine, police and security shot at them, so they had to escape the gunshots and go back with no food. He said that they asked the military to buy food for them, but as soon as the Rakhine recognized that the military was buying food for them they wanted to kill the military.

Please email (and telephone if you can) the World Food Program and ask them for an update on the situation. Ask them why there are people there without food now. Ask them to step up their efforts and increase the publicity on this problem.

Email and also ask them to blog about this issue here .

Please also send your enquiry via this form:

After that please contact the following (email address:

Marcus Prior, WFP/Bangkok, Mob. +66 81 701 9208
Emilia Casella, WFP/Rome, Mob. + 39 347 945 0634 Tel. +39 06 6513 3854
Elisabeth Byrs, WFP/Geneva, Mob. + 41  794 734 570  Tel. +41 22 917 8564
Caroline Hurford, WFP/London, Mob.  + 44 7968 008 474 Tel. +44 207 240 9001
Bettina Luescher, WFP/New York, Mob. + 1 646 824 1112  Tel. +1 646 556 6909

Please also send tweets to @WFP then post to the WFP wall and message them on Facebook.

When you are done please tweet to the #SaveTheRohingya tag to tell everyone and also paste to Facebook. Please also tweet @jamilahanan with your progress.

If we all act together we may be able to get the starving Rohingyan some food!

Please help to #SaveTheRohingya

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