Thursday, 19 July 2012

#SaveTheRohingya Action 1.4

Whilst 800,000 Rohingan people are in the process of being ethnically cleansed from their homeland in Myanmar (Burma) the USA lifts sanctions and encourages business!

So does the Whitehouse intelligence need sacking or is GENOCIDE now acceptable when it is in a country's 'best interest' to say nothing?

Yes it is genocide. Here is the definition of genocide (and this ticks all the boxes). Here is the Genocide Emergency Alert Level 7 (EXTERMINATION) issued by Genocide Watch.

Let's assume it is the first possibility, that intelligence has let the Whitehouse down, and that President Obama actually doesn't really know what is happening. Please write to him and tell him. You might point him to our research page and also to our interview with our source on the ground who tells us people are still dying every day and they have now run out of food, and get shot at if they try to get hold of any of the rations being delivered to the area. And just in case he does know yet thinks that is ok, please tell him that it really is not acceptable to be lifting sanctions on a regime that is currently encouraging genocide in order to ethnically cleanse itself of its unwanted people.

Please contact President Obama here.

Please also tweet to @whitehouse and @BarackObama

When you are done please tweet to the #SaveTheRohingya tag to tell everyone and also paste to your Facebook. Please also tweet @jamilahanan with your progress.

If we all act together we may be able to get the starving Rohingyan some food and save them from extinction!

Please help to #SaveTheRohingya 
Action 1.5 is coming soon!
If you missed action 1.3 it is here - please do that too!
Wondering what this is all about? You can read about the launch of the campaign and what we are doing here.

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