About Us

We are just a group of individuals who actually care enough to do something when we see a whole people being wiped out and everyone else too complacent to do anything about it. This website was set up by Jamila Hanan a web developer and human rights defender based in the UK who is working alongside other concerned individuals primarily through the use of social media. You can tweet Jamila here @jamilahanan and she will respond and follow should you need to send her a direct message. Jamila is also working closely with Aung Aung who is a refugee in hiding in Burma, who tweets daily updates from the ground that you can follow here @aungaungsittwe


  1. Hi,

    this is Chris from Avaaz. Please contact me on twitter @E_Campaigning. Need to urgently talk Rohingya massacre. Pls include skypename, email or phone.

    Thanks ,Chris

  2. Thank you so much for your hard working for world most persecuted ppl.

    As a Rohingya and human being, I respect you and appreciate you.

    Walk on.

  3. Everyone please invite your friends and family members. Please help Rohingya Muslims. And donate your money, Please donate, Please like & share this page

    Account number: 0006833000401
    Swift code: SDBLBDDH
    Bank Name: Standard Bank Limited
    Branch address: Malibagh