Thursday, 19 July 2012

#SaveTheRohingya Action 1.3

There is a huge crisis taking place at the moment in Myanmar. So huge that it is listed as a Genocide Emergency Alert Stage 7 (extermination) by Genocide Watch alongside Syria, the Sudan, the Congo and Ethiopia.

And yet, CNN is not reporting it!

Instead this is what CNN is reporting.

Please write to CNN and ask them to give the current crisis in Myanmar the attention it deserves. Tell them we have done the urgent research for them here  and we even have interviews with audio and transcript from a source on the ground it they want it! And you might want to suggest that they actually read what our source is saying regarding the violence before they go painting the Rohingyan people as terrorists and dismissing this crisis as just a bit of sectarian tension (clearly there is a lot of hatred towards the Rohingyan, but this is more of the genocide kind than tension between two different religions).

Send a news tip here

If you are a reliable source comment here

Ask for it in their World News here

Ask Talk Asia why the heck are they not talking about the Rohingya???

Ask Amanpour to get asking some serious questions regarding what is really going on

There's lots more departments you can also contact to be found here:

Please also telephone if you can +1 404.827.1500 option 1

Please also tweet to @cnn @cnnnews and @cnnbrk

Also post to CNN on Facebook (write message and post on wall) as well as to the CNN News Facebook community.

When you are done please tweet to the #SaveTheRohingya tag to tell everyone and also paste to your Facebook. Please also tweet @jamilahanan with your progress.

If we all act together we may be able to get the starving Rohingyan some food!

Please help to #SaveTheRohingya 

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