Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Thandwe Township Anticipating Attack

RF = Rohingya Friend

Wednesday 27th March online chat
    salam sister
    situation of thandwe township is not good.muslims there worry that
violence may happen there.
    Jamila Hanan
    can you tell me everything you know?
    or can I call you and record maybe?
    one of my friends who live there told me about it
    Jamila Hanan
    tell me what he said exactly
    969 gangster tried to attack muslims there yesterday
    also muslims are ready to revenge
    this gangster is trying to attack muslims there too
    Jamila Hanan
    so they tried to attack yesterday? how many? and how did they try
to attack? and what stopped them?
    all muslims are watching how situation will go on to night
    Jamila Hanan
    how many Rohingya live there?
    no roingya lives there.
    all of them are kaman muslims
    Jamila Hanan
    OK. have this group from Thandwe been attacked before?
    Jamila Hanan
    what happened yesterday exactly? you said they 'tried to attack'.
How? And how many were there?
    this is will be first time there if violence happen
    my friend told me the made sermon with monks in down town last night
    Jamila Hanan
    when you say 'downtown' where exactly do you mean?
    i mean in thandwe
    Jamila Hanan
    do you have any names of any monks at the sermon?
    sorry i haven't it.
    Jamila Hanan
    do you know how many were at the sermon?
    also phone connection was cut last night.

Monday, 25 March 2013

URGENT: Military Told Rohingya that Terrorists will Attack 26 March

We (members of the Rohingya Journalism project) have just had an online chat with a trusted Rohingya friend who we know personally and are in close contact with. He does not live in Burma but his family do, in the Arakan/Rakhine state. He has just received some very disturbing news.

I am pasting the chat here as it is very important. Please share widely and send to governments, media, gov orgs and none gov orgs. We cannot sit by and let this massacre happen without trying to stop it.

RC = Rohingya Contact
Us = Us (a member of the Rohingya Journalism project group)

Online Chat Monday 25th March 2013 

Latest news in Kyauk Taw, Rakhine State.
Military has ordered Rohingya (Zaila) Paikthe village to be prepared for 26, 27, 28th, March as Rakhine Terrorists has targeted to enter the village.
So, people are being unrest digging channels to take cover.
to be prepared?
where is that news from?
is there anything we can record like a flyer?
also what people are digging tunnels, rohingya? muslim? all?
Rohingyas from Kyauk Taw,
The news is from Paikthe village, Kyauk Taw Township, Rakhine State.
did it come to them on flyers or were they told?
My [removed for security] is from that village, I just contacted him.
Digging channel means ... trenches? To fight from?
RC Digging ground,
but how was he told? In person? By who?
His [removed for security] are in Kyauk Taw. I have just spoken to him.
yes. But who did they hear the warning from?
He said, yesterday, military came to the village and told villagers. that Rakhine people are now targeting to approach village on 26th, 27th, 28th.
oh thank you. I am so sorry
they said, in this time, they can't really help Rohingya.
So, they asked people to be prepared
did they tell them to dig trenches?
People in the village had meeting and decided to dig.
They don't have ration, people are worrying for their food.
I am so so sorry will try to get attention on it

More evidence regarding plans for a massacre:
Monk Wirathu's hate speech
Even More Disturbing Evidence of Imminent Massacre of Rohingya
Disturbing Evidence of 3rd Rohingya Massacre Imminent 
Other tweets and reports of third massacre
Important tweet from @aungaungsittwe

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rohingya hate speech by Monk Wirathu

Mon Wirathu, the regime's fall 'monk', needs hauling to The Hague to be tried for openly inciting crimes against humanity. Urgently.

Who can help?

Read/listen to his hate speech below:

"Moulmein will fall in to the hands of the Enemy (that is, Muslim), unless we can mobilize the (Buddhist) public's force/strength."

- Rev. Wirathu

Here is a must-watch Nazi speech (13 minutes) by Rev. Wirathu from Mandalay's new Ma-soe-yein Teaching Monastery, with a rough but accurate Burmese-to-English translation of the gist of his speech:

1) the Buddhist public needs to adopt a nationalist mindfulness - in virtually everything we do (that is, we must eat, sleep, see, hear, speak and breath '(Buddhist) nationalism').

2) but, to my dismay, i am finding out that our Buddhist public still lacks this nationalist mindfulness.

3) 'they' (the Muslims) do everything with this (muslim) nationalist mindfulness. On example, in the previous military era, they flocked to the generals and through their connections, they have captured the Construction boom/market in Yangon. They didn't love the military or the generals. They collaborated with the military for their national (Muslim) interests.

4) then the (the Muslims) approached and joined in large number the military's USDA/USDP party not because they understood democracy or human rights. Quite the contrary, they are the most blatant violators of religious freedoms and other human rights.

5) when they saw the NLD as the party up and coming, again they shifted their allegiance to the NLD. one joke is that the Kwet-daung (the NLD and Burmese political emblem of FIGHTING PEACOCK) is morphing into a "Mut-daung" (Mus-cock - meaning Muslims with mustaches). (laughters from the congregation).

6) do you know that when Aung San Suu Kyi returned from the USA, she only rode in the cars that belonged to or were provided by the Kalars (or niggers). So, when the Rakhine crisis broke out, her lips were sealed because they were about five or six benefactors around her who are 'niggers'. She could do nothing (for the Buddhist Rakhine).

7) Min Ko Naing? What could he do for the Rakhines?

8) I see Yangon or Rangoon is at the risk of falling to the Kalar's or Muslims' hand. Rangoonites, you must beware of this danger.

9) in Moulmein, a bus company named Raza-min is owned by a Muslim. I was told that the owner did not allow the holding of our annual Buddhist religious ceremony called Ka-htein (or Ka-hti-na). Why? Because the Muslim owner considered it just a waste.

10) our Burmese politicians are unable to stand with either the Buddhist public or protect our Buddhist faith.

11) I fear they (Muslim enemies) are increasingly taking over important positions in politics, society and so on.

12) I have learned, one NLD office was forbidden from holding the cooked rice offering ceremony in commemoration of the death of our national martyr - Bogyoke Aung San. Because the landlord of the NLD office is a Muslim!

13) again there is a bleak future for our country when important positions such as MPs or chairmans are occupied by 'them' (Muslims). they do everything from 'their' nationalist (Muslim) perspective.

14) That is why, we must all adopt this '969' (Buddhist) nationalist mindfulness. 9 stands for the 9 special attributes of Lord Buddha; 6 for the special attributes of his teaching/Dharma; and 9 for the 9 special attributes of the Sangha or Buddhist Order.

15) we must do business or otherwise interact with only our kind: same race and same faith.

16) your purchases/money you spent in 'their' (Muslim) shops will benefit the Enemy.

17) they take our women.

18) in Rakhine State, with their populaton explosion they are capturing it. And they will capture our country in the end.

19) so, do business with only shops with '969' signs on their facets.

20) (then this Fascist monk elaborated on the price war between the Muslim-owned Razamin busy company and other presumbly Buddhist owned bus companies) and scolded the Buddhist public who went for cheaper fares from the Muslim bus company).

21). if we lost this economic battle (against the Muslims) then they would use the capital or seed money provided to them by Saudi Arabia.

22) if we the Burmese (Buddhists) are concerned about lower costs only then the Enemy's power (and wealth) will only rise.

23) even if you have to spend a little extra for doing business with our own kind - Buddhist and Bama - consider that extra cost as your contribution to our race and faith.

24) once we won this battle we will move on to other Muslim targets and we must keep on moving our (Muslim) targets.

25) now Moulmein is about to fall into the Enemy's hand, or the hands of the Kalars (niggers), that is, of course, unless we fail to mobilize our Buddhist public's force.

Please read about plans for an imminent massacre of the Rohingya here.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Even More Disturbing Evidence of Imminent Massacre of Rohingya

Following my last disturbing chat with my  Rohingya friend @aungaungsittwe in Burma which you can read here, I asked for an update on the situation this morning, Monday 18th March 2013, which I have posted below.

6:16 AM me: hey
6:17 AM Aung: yes, sister , how r you
 me: hi :-)
  so nice to talk to you
  tell me the situation now
  does it look like the massacre will go ahead?
  or be delayed?
6:18 AM Aung: Now, in Minpya, Kyauktaw, Pauktaw, Mrauk U , some
Rakhine gathered , Rohingya cannot go there, some Rakhine friends
called to Rohingya of those places
  Today, Exam will finish
6:19 AM me: so Rakhine are already gathered to kill the Rohingya?
6:20 AM Aung: 3rd massacre will be depend on military , some Rohingya
said becoz if military give full protection, Rakhine can't do,
6:22 AM Rakhine are gathering daily but they are waiting some signals
from Myanmar government , we think. Government and Rakhine have the
same plan to kill us or to deport us
 me: are the Rakhine waiting at Minpya, Kyauktaw, Pauktaw, Mrauk U
carrying weapons do you know?
6:26 AM Tell me, the Rakhine gathering at Minpya, Kyauktaw, Pauktaw
and Mrauk U, are they carrying weapons do you know?
6:27 AM According to info, Rakhine are gathering & having meeting
regarding how can they start 3rd masscare
6:28 AM me: are they carrying weapons now? or not yet?
6:30 AM Aung: They are not carrying weapons so far, but they have plan
to organize systematically , they said this time , they will act in
such a way that Rohingya will be remained only in exhibition hall, not
in the ground
 me: did someone hear them say that?
6:31 AM Aung: They wrote it even on their FB wall
 me: can you post the link to Twitter? with translation - the
translation is important
 Aung: I 'm trying to give you the link but I cannot open FB here
 me: but did anyone hear them say that? or did you just read it on facebook?
6:32 AM Aung: My friend from Minpya told me yesterday the exact word
 me: he was there at the meeting?
6:33 AM Aung: No. he has a very close friend who is Rakhine attended the meeting
6:34 AM me: ok I understand. do you have any names of offical people
at the meeting?
  names of anyone who spoke?
  names of anyone who organisated the meeting?
  how many were at the meeting exactly?
  when it took place exactly
  we need details and names
6:35 AM Aung: Ward administrators, community leaders organized the
meeting, meeting was held in the monastry
6:36 AM me: names of leaders? name of monastry?
 Aung: My friend's friend estimated 500 gathered in Minpya
 me: which day exactly?
6:37 AM Aung: It was yesterday
 me: ok, 17th March then
 Aung: 2 to 5 PM
 me: names of leaders? name of monastry?
6:38 AM Aung: I will try to get later
 me: if we had names we could push for arrests
  when talking to friends thing about collecting evidence - we need details
 Aung: O.K thank you
6:39 AM me: do you know anything else said at the meeting?
  was everyone in agreement?
 me: i know you dont have long online
 me: please keep your tweets focused on the massacre
 Aung: o.k thanks
 me: dates
  all this is evidence
  without evidence we can get no action
6:43 AM we are talking to officials but need evidence urgently
  your tweets are evidence
  and people need to understand the threat is real
  and urgent
  if you tweet about other things they will forget
  we all know your history
  only in Burma do they deny it
6:44 AM Aung: Have u checked yr mail
 me: but we all know that, we have proof, we believe it
  yes I have the photos thankyou
 Aung: I sent photos
 me: I will publish more
  if we can get any photos of people carrying weapons
  these are the important things now
  leaflets (especially these)
6:45 AM Aung: it's not easy but we are trying
 me: yes i know brother
  you are doing amazing work
  keep going
  we must try and stop this
  we all have to keep working very hard
  what do you think now, youself, personally?
  do you think the massacre will begin?
6:46 AM Aung: I don't think they will begin soon becoz they want to
show the world
 me: my concern is the weapons and the hatred
  if the authorities change their minds, the youths may begine anyway
6:47 AM what do you think?
6:48 AM Aung: Yes, if military want they can stop easily
 me: but the youths, do they have guns now?
 Aung: Yes, they have
6:49 AM me: so if they start fighting they can do a lot of harm, very quickly
  who gave the youths the guns?
 Aung: Rakhine authority, RNDP, ALD, ALP
6:50 AM me: not the military?
 Aung: No, not military
6:51 AM me: what about the NaSaka, did they give anyone guns?
 Aung: But in Maungdaw, Rakhine get training fr military
 me: who is giving the Rakhine authorities the guns, do you know?
6:52 AM Aung: In Maungdaw, NaSaKa is helping Rakhine, give them
training , weapons
  Rakhine have their own army
 me: how many are in the Rakhine army do you know?
6:53 AM Aung: Myanmar Government know it very well
  I don't know the exact number,
6:54 AM me: do the Rakhine army wear a uniform, or civilian clothes?
 Aung: There might be 10 to 20 thousands
6:55 AM I mean in the whole Arakan
 me: so it is a well organised army, the Rakhine army?
6:56 AM is it an official organisation, or a secret organisation?
6:57 AM Aung: Before 2010, they were rebellion but now they entered
acco to agreement with government
6:58 AM me: do they wear uniforms?
 Aung: No,
 me: do you know who is in charge of the Rakhine army?
6:59 AM Aung: I need to check
 me: this is important
7:00 AM again we need names
  and connections - who is funding the army for example
  where the weapons are coming from
 Aung: I'll check and inform you soon
 me: links to senior members of parliament
  we need to know who is organising the genocide
  if we are to stop it
7:01 AM Aung: ok

Following this chat I made further enquireies about the Rakhine army. I found out that they are called the ALA (Arakan Liberation Army) a branch of the ALP (Arakan Liberation Party). I asked who was in charge of them and I was told it is Khaing Soe Naing Aung.

You can see video clips of the ALA in training from 1999 in the video alongside my interview here

They are in large numbers, highly organised, trained, and armed. Very worrying is that they are in civilian clothes and it would seem waiting to strike, to wipe out the Rohingya, as soon as word is given. My worry is that even if they are not given the signal to strike, they may do it anyway.
Thousands of youths, armed and trained, brainwashed by hate propaganda to 'wipe out the viruses' (the Rohingya) is a recipe for a blood bath disaster. And if/when that happens, the rest of the world might realise that those investments and oil contracts are the least of their worries - and the opening of that pipeline might become a distant dream!

Perhaps now governments around the world might insist on the defense of the Roghingya, in their national interest? Perhaps they might urgently send in independent observers, and insist on the confiscation of weapons from the Rakhine, with urgency, or else reimpose sanctions, with urgency?

It seems there are a lot of authorities 'watching the situation very carefully'. No doubt soon we will hear lots of messages of 'deep concern'. But watching and expressing concern will not stop the angry mob. Once this kicks off, it will be extremely difficult to stop, if at all.

If this matter is not acted on with the utmost urgency I see us heading for a human disaster that will have far reaching consequences, for the whole region, and likely have serious repercussions worldwide.

Praying that the world will take note. And act. Now.

One small group of honest dedicated independent journalists are about to leave to gather evidence and uncover truth about the Rohingya in Burma to help stop this massacre. But they need your support. Please find out more and consider making a donation to our Rohingya Journalism Fund here (every little helps). If we had some support we would take in hidden cameras and satellite equipment to feed back every bit of information as we get it.

More information from just this afternoon about the build up to the massacre have just been posted by @aungaungsittwe here.

Anyone that wants further information on any of the above may email me

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Message to Angelina Jolie about the Rohingya Massacre

If anyone knows Angelina Jolie please can you pass on this message urgently. I have posted a message to her fanbook page on FB but don't know how else to reach her and we have very little time.

Dear Angelina,

There is a massacre on the scale of Rwanda/Bosnia about to take place to the Rohingya in Burma. We have had reliable evidence this is due to take place sometime after 17th March, maybe last week in March and also second week in April. Please see here

I have done this vid blog here about it

but if it was you doing this vid, this campaign would fly and we might have half a chance at stopping this before it begins, and we might avoid thousands of innocent kids getting chopped up and thrown alive onto fires.

Please, this can't get a more serious cry for help I'm not talking about one or two lives here I'm talking about thousands, and I just need a bit of your time.

Please don't turn away please read this and contact me, we need you, they need you. Few others seem to give a damn.

Thankyou. Jamila Hanan

Lots more info on this blog 
Video evidence here of what has been taking place since last Summer,
Info on the first massacre in June.
Info on the second massacre in October.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Disturbing Evidence of 3rd Rohingya Massacre Imminent

Today, 10th March 2013, I interviewed @aungaungsittwe my Rohingya friend in Burma, over online chat. What he had to say was very disturbing. Please read and report widely. Feel free to republish this chat anywhere. Thanks. Jamila Hanan @jamilahanan

4:35 PM me: hi
  are you there?
 Aung: yes
4:36 PM me: :-)
 Aung: H R U
 me: can i ask you some questions
  i can then send this chat to the media
 Aung: Yes
 me: i know you don't have much time
  i'm fine
  but i dont want to waste time
  ok can you tell me
  when did you first find out about the plan for the 3rd massacre of
the Rohingya?
4:37 PM Aung: One week ago
 me: how did you find out?
4:40 PM Aung: Firstly, in FB and called everywhere like MinPya,
Kyauktaw, KuakPyu etc, everyone told me that they heard about 3rd
masscare against them, then I asked , How? they answered me Rakhine
distributed papers regarding 3rd massacre
 me: what did the papers say?
        8 minutes
4:49 PM me: I can see you struggling with connection. Will resent
message incase you didn't receive it:
  what did the papers say?
4:50 PM Aung: It was wrtten in the paper that Rakhine will attack like
in June & Oct after 10th grade exam
 me: was it written in Rakhine language, addressed to the Rakhine?
4:51 PM or was it written as a threat to the Rohingya?
 Aung: yes
  I asked 6 differnt towns to 6 different persons , all of them said
the same answer
4:52 PM me: it was written in Rakhine?
 Aung: It was written in Rakhine language
 me: was it a leaflet? or in a newspaper?
4:53 PM Aung: I asked them to send me a copy, but couldn't
  It was a leaflet
4:54 PM me: when you call next can you ask them to tell them to read
it to you, word for word, so you can write it down exactly what it
 Aung: Rakhine also organized meeting regarding that event, in
Rathedaung town, in Myay Bon, Kyauk Pyu, Thandway
 me: do you know who organised these meetings?
4:55 PM Aung: Most of the leaders are from RNDP party
 me: when does the 10th grade exam end?
4:56 PM Aung: It will start 13th March , end 17 March
 me: do you know anything about weapons being distributed?
4:57 PM Aung: Yes, every village or ward of Rakhine , authority gave
10 to 20 weapons
4:58 PM me: has anyone seen any of these weapons?
4:59 PM Aung: Yes, from Maungdaw, 2 WFP staffs told me that they saw
weapons while they went there to provide rice
5:00 PM me: what weapons did they see?
 Aung: I have their phone numbers
 me: can you email me their numbers?
 Aung: O.K
5:01 PM I'll send you their numbers but they are Rohingya not foreigners
 me: ok
5:02 PM do you have any further information?
  for example, do you know where they will attack?
  will they attack just villages or camps as well?
5:03 PM Aung: Their main plan is removing all Rohingya from twon areas
  They won't let Rohingya to get into the town again
5:04 PM me: have they given any warnings to the Rohingya to leave?
 Aung: Myinn Pya, Kyauk Pyu, Myay Bon people are very worry about 3rd massacre
5:06 PM They warned Pauktaw, Myay Bon. Kyauk Pyu, MinPya Rohingya,
leave to other countries or you are killed very soon
 me: did they give the Rohingya any leaflets to tell them to get out?
 Aung: They told them orally, not in written form
 me: ok
  who told them exactly?
5:07 PM Aung: They have gang like people who came and told Rohingya
 me: Are the military involved?
5:08 PM Aung: I asked Rohingya if they remembered their names or not,
they told me those Rakhine were strange not from their own town
5:09 PM According to some community leaders , Government involves
directly, Gov and RNDP got agreement to do so
5:10 PM me: have the Rohingya got any protection?
 Aung: One of my Rakhine friends told me that Thein Sein's wife is also Rakhine
5:12 PM Rohingya have no protection, there are some military around
but not relaiable for Rohingya
5:13 PM Among the military there are Rakhine too, those Rakhine may
attack in public name
5:14 PM All police and security forces are Rakhine
 me: and what about the NaSaKa?
  are they likely to attack?
 Aung: If something happen, Rohingya will be in danger
5:18 PM me: I'm going to send this to the media. If you get back
online please tell me if you have a message you would like to send to
the world on behalf of the Rohingya.
5:23 PM Aung: [If Myanmar Gov really want democracy, it will remove
all dictators' policies and organizations]
5:24 PM but now Myanmar government is implementing late dictators
policies and organizations
5:28 PM me: tell me what message you want to say to the people who may
read this in other countries
5:32 PM Aung: I'd like to request all those countries which help
Myanmar to promote democracy to put pressure for pure democracy,
Myanmar government says it is doing for Myanmar like democracy , I
call it myanmocracy , it is a clearly deceiving the Wolrd in the name
of democracy prosess
 me: and what about protection? do you want people to intervene?
5:33 PM to protect the Rohingya?
5:34 PM Aung: Especailly US, UK, and EU should ask Myanmar government
to protect Rohingya of Burma by announcing that all Rohingya are
Myanmar citizens, and it is Myanmar government duty to protect them
 me: ok
5:40 PM i will send to media

Read more about the planned massacre and find out how you can help stop it here.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Third Massacre of Rohingya Planned - we must act NOW to stop!

We are sending an independent journalist to Burma to report on the situation with the Rohingya urgently. We need funds for travel and we also want to buy cameras to give the Rohingya. We will give any spare funds in person to Rohingya village leaders. Please donate generously and quickly as we need to act on this urgently. Please use the button here to donate. We will give a full account of all funds received and how they were spent. Please ask friends to do the same. More information about the project can be found here on our Rohingya Journalism Fund site (a work in progress just gone live - basic at the moment because we have no time to lose!).

NEW EVIDENCE HERE IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Interview with @aungaungsittwe

I will post links and tweets talking about the third anticipated massacre below. I will update continuously over coming days so please check back for updates.

HIGH ALERT: Rakhine Extremists To Massacre More Rohingya and Kamans in March and April

4 March Rohingya Update: A new apartheid and fears of a wipeout.

20 Feb - Burmese Authority Supplies Guns to Rakhine, Second Time in Northern Maungdaw

Friday, 1 March 2013

Good people should speak out to stop the Rohingya genocide

I was disappointed with a recent Human Rights report which you can read here, as I felt it was a lost opportunity at a key moment that could have helped stop the Rohingya genocide. It prompted this video blog.

In my video blog post above I talk about this film, Genocide: Worse than War, which is excellent and should be watched by anyone that wants to understand genocide and have a better idea about how we could stop it.

Human Rights Watch however have done many excellent reports that I recommend you should read, including

August 2012
Government Forces Targeting Rohingya
The Government Could Have Stopped This 

November 2012
Burma: Satellite Images Show Widespread Attacks on Rohingya 
A bridge too far for Obama, crossed too early, in Myanmar

Also of particular significance is this report from 2009, significant because it shows how the government have been persecuting the Rohingya for decades, just now they are 'reformed' so they disguise this persecution as ethnic tension. Please read:
Perilous Plight


Since this blog post HRW completely redeemed themselves with this truly excellent report:
All You Can Do Is Pray