Friday, 1 March 2013

Good people should speak out to stop the Rohingya genocide

I was disappointed with a recent Human Rights report which you can read here, as I felt it was a lost opportunity at a key moment that could have helped stop the Rohingya genocide. It prompted this video blog.

In my video blog post above I talk about this film, Genocide: Worse than War, which is excellent and should be watched by anyone that wants to understand genocide and have a better idea about how we could stop it.

Human Rights Watch however have done many excellent reports that I recommend you should read, including

August 2012
Government Forces Targeting Rohingya
The Government Could Have Stopped This 

November 2012
Burma: Satellite Images Show Widespread Attacks on Rohingya 
A bridge too far for Obama, crossed too early, in Myanmar

Also of particular significance is this report from 2009, significant because it shows how the government have been persecuting the Rohingya for decades, just now they are 'reformed' so they disguise this persecution as ethnic tension. Please read:
Perilous Plight


Since this blog post HRW completely redeemed themselves with this truly excellent report:
All You Can Do Is Pray

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