Sunday 10 March 2013

Disturbing Evidence of 3rd Rohingya Massacre Imminent

Today, 10th March 2013, I interviewed @aungaungsittwe my Rohingya friend in Burma, over online chat. What he had to say was very disturbing. Please read and report widely. Feel free to republish this chat anywhere. Thanks. Jamila Hanan @jamilahanan

4:35 PM me: hi
  are you there?
 Aung: yes
4:36 PM me: :-)
 Aung: H R U
 me: can i ask you some questions
  i can then send this chat to the media
 Aung: Yes
 me: i know you don't have much time
  i'm fine
  but i dont want to waste time
  ok can you tell me
  when did you first find out about the plan for the 3rd massacre of
the Rohingya?
4:37 PM Aung: One week ago
 me: how did you find out?
4:40 PM Aung: Firstly, in FB and called everywhere like MinPya,
Kyauktaw, KuakPyu etc, everyone told me that they heard about 3rd
masscare against them, then I asked , How? they answered me Rakhine
distributed papers regarding 3rd massacre
 me: what did the papers say?
        8 minutes
4:49 PM me: I can see you struggling with connection. Will resent
message incase you didn't receive it:
  what did the papers say?
4:50 PM Aung: It was wrtten in the paper that Rakhine will attack like
in June & Oct after 10th grade exam
 me: was it written in Rakhine language, addressed to the Rakhine?
4:51 PM or was it written as a threat to the Rohingya?
 Aung: yes
  I asked 6 differnt towns to 6 different persons , all of them said
the same answer
4:52 PM me: it was written in Rakhine?
 Aung: It was written in Rakhine language
 me: was it a leaflet? or in a newspaper?
4:53 PM Aung: I asked them to send me a copy, but couldn't
  It was a leaflet
4:54 PM me: when you call next can you ask them to tell them to read
it to you, word for word, so you can write it down exactly what it
 Aung: Rakhine also organized meeting regarding that event, in
Rathedaung town, in Myay Bon, Kyauk Pyu, Thandway
 me: do you know who organised these meetings?
4:55 PM Aung: Most of the leaders are from RNDP party
 me: when does the 10th grade exam end?
4:56 PM Aung: It will start 13th March , end 17 March
 me: do you know anything about weapons being distributed?
4:57 PM Aung: Yes, every village or ward of Rakhine , authority gave
10 to 20 weapons
4:58 PM me: has anyone seen any of these weapons?
4:59 PM Aung: Yes, from Maungdaw, 2 WFP staffs told me that they saw
weapons while they went there to provide rice
5:00 PM me: what weapons did they see?
 Aung: I have their phone numbers
 me: can you email me their numbers?
 Aung: O.K
5:01 PM I'll send you their numbers but they are Rohingya not foreigners
 me: ok
5:02 PM do you have any further information?
  for example, do you know where they will attack?
  will they attack just villages or camps as well?
5:03 PM Aung: Their main plan is removing all Rohingya from twon areas
  They won't let Rohingya to get into the town again
5:04 PM me: have they given any warnings to the Rohingya to leave?
 Aung: Myinn Pya, Kyauk Pyu, Myay Bon people are very worry about 3rd massacre
5:06 PM They warned Pauktaw, Myay Bon. Kyauk Pyu, MinPya Rohingya,
leave to other countries or you are killed very soon
 me: did they give the Rohingya any leaflets to tell them to get out?
 Aung: They told them orally, not in written form
 me: ok
  who told them exactly?
5:07 PM Aung: They have gang like people who came and told Rohingya
 me: Are the military involved?
5:08 PM Aung: I asked Rohingya if they remembered their names or not,
they told me those Rakhine were strange not from their own town
5:09 PM According to some community leaders , Government involves
directly, Gov and RNDP got agreement to do so
5:10 PM me: have the Rohingya got any protection?
 Aung: One of my Rakhine friends told me that Thein Sein's wife is also Rakhine
5:12 PM Rohingya have no protection, there are some military around
but not relaiable for Rohingya
5:13 PM Among the military there are Rakhine too, those Rakhine may
attack in public name
5:14 PM All police and security forces are Rakhine
 me: and what about the NaSaKa?
  are they likely to attack?
 Aung: If something happen, Rohingya will be in danger
5:18 PM me: I'm going to send this to the media. If you get back
online please tell me if you have a message you would like to send to
the world on behalf of the Rohingya.
5:23 PM Aung: [If Myanmar Gov really want democracy, it will remove
all dictators' policies and organizations]
5:24 PM but now Myanmar government is implementing late dictators
policies and organizations
5:28 PM me: tell me what message you want to say to the people who may
read this in other countries
5:32 PM Aung: I'd like to request all those countries which help
Myanmar to promote democracy to put pressure for pure democracy,
Myanmar government says it is doing for Myanmar like democracy , I
call it myanmocracy , it is a clearly deceiving the Wolrd in the name
of democracy prosess
 me: and what about protection? do you want people to intervene?
5:33 PM to protect the Rohingya?
5:34 PM Aung: Especailly US, UK, and EU should ask Myanmar government
to protect Rohingya of Burma by announcing that all Rohingya are
Myanmar citizens, and it is Myanmar government duty to protect them
 me: ok
5:40 PM i will send to media

Read more about the planned massacre and find out how you can help stop it here.


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