Thursday, 14 March 2013

Message to Angelina Jolie about the Rohingya Massacre

If anyone knows Angelina Jolie please can you pass on this message urgently. I have posted a message to her fanbook page on FB but don't know how else to reach her and we have very little time.

Dear Angelina,

There is a massacre on the scale of Rwanda/Bosnia about to take place to the Rohingya in Burma. We have had reliable evidence this is due to take place sometime after 17th March, maybe last week in March and also second week in April. Please see here

I have done this vid blog here about it

but if it was you doing this vid, this campaign would fly and we might have half a chance at stopping this before it begins, and we might avoid thousands of innocent kids getting chopped up and thrown alive onto fires.

Please, this can't get a more serious cry for help I'm not talking about one or two lives here I'm talking about thousands, and I just need a bit of your time.

Please don't turn away please read this and contact me, we need you, they need you. Few others seem to give a damn.

Thankyou. Jamila Hanan

Lots more info on this blog 
Video evidence here of what has been taking place since last Summer,
Info on the first massacre in June.
Info on the second massacre in October.

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