Monday, 26 November 2012

Rohingya tents destroyed in Sittwe

Reports were received about refugee tents being destroyed in Sittwe. I have recorded all the information I have about this here.

Tweets From Aung Aung on 25th November

Email from Aung Aung 26th November Morning

"In Sittwe, there are 80,000 refugees. Nearly 40,000 got place in the camps, the rest are living around the other villages which weren't burnt during the June violence, some of them are living with their relatives, but nearly 26,000 built tents themselves and lived there. Yesterday [24-25th November] all those tents were destroyed, so those people need urgent shelter, there is the cold season arriving now and if they can't get shelter soon, I don't know what will happen; children, pregnant and old people's lives are in danger." communication received from @aungaungsittwe on 26th November

Chat Communication with Aung Aung 26th November Afternoon

me: i need to ask you about the tents
that were destroyed
 Aung:  yes
 me:  do you know where exactly this was? some journalists are asking
and are you sure they were all destroyed?
some of the photos you sent were on 25th November, just yesterday, and they were not destroyed - maybe a few were but not all of them
 Aung:  I just called my friends, they said most of them already destroyed, the rest tomorrow will destroyed,
 me:  ok
can you tweet this?
 Aung:  They asked them to destroy
 me:  ok, so they asked the Rohingya to take down their tents?
and they said if they are not gone they will destroy them?
 me:  who told them to take down the tents? the NaSaKa? or the police? or who?
 Aung:  NaSaKa
 me:  can you give the exact location of any of these sites?
 Aung:  tents in Thakkay Byin& Budua Del have already destroyed, tomorrow,they will destroyed the tents in  Missiri Del, Dabaing, Thechaung of Sittwe
Rohingya in the tents were told, NaSaKa would provide camps
but they have only 10 camps empty, and there is no sign to build new camps
 Aung:  They r worry about shelter and food
 Aung:  My friend said he asked one of NaSaKa officer what is their plan for those people, officer told him, "I don't know"
he asked " who knows"
Officer answered President Thein Sein

Photos sent via Aung Aung

These were some of the Rohingya makeshift camps around Sittwe, being constructed on 13th November 2012, that have now reportedly been destroyed.

The following photos were taken on 25th November.

Please read this poem about the Rohingya

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