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Rohingya Shot During Tent Clearance

On 24th November NaSaKa and police in Burma started to destroy Rohingya makeshift camps and threaten the removal of others. On 1st December police shot 6 Rohingya as they were removing them from Thay Chaung camp. The following email and photos were forwarded to me via Rohingya refugee @aungaungsittwe on 1st December.


Date – 1st December 2012.

Today at 4:20pm, six innocent Rohingya IDPs have been shot by Police
in Thay Chaung Refugee Camp (where they have been refuge since after
the violence broke out in June ) during trying to forcibly shift these
Rohingya IDPs to another remote, isolated and deserted place called
Say Tha Mar camp (Baud Del).

Suddenly, the Rakhine State Government planned by forcing them to
shift to isolated camp like that but the Rohingya refugees refused to
go there because fearing in advance to suffer difficult situations in
terms of safe water, road condition, contagious diseases, access to
Health infrastructures there.

So, after a few minutes of dispute between Rohingya refugees and riot
Polices, the tension was a bit big and police open fire into the
refugees mob.

Now, among these six injured persons, five IDPs got severely injured
and another one IDP was very serious condition that the bullet hit in
the chest and the bullet remain inside, so he was taken to the State
General Hospital. No other news still so far.

The list of severely injured Rohingya IDPs were as follows:

No.   Name                     Father’s Name           Age             Place of Origin
1.      Zia Bul Hauque       Hamid Husung             25               Narzi Block (1)
2.      Mawnura Begum    Mohamed Rofique       23               Narzi Block (3)
3.      Solim                      Bodi Rahman               22              Narzi Block (4)
4.      Anuwar Begum       Ahmed Husung            20              Narzi Block (11)

This following IDP was very serious condition,

5.      Shawfi Rahman           Har Lar Mia            28           Narzi Block (3)

Remarks: We are sorry for the date setting failure (12/2/2012 &
31/10/2012 instead of 12/1/2012) in the photos due to our bad
management and also poor resources.

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Please also read about when the police started to destroy tents and threaten the removal of others here.

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