Thursday 16 January 2014

Brutality Beyond Belief - Rohingya hunted like vermin

Remains of fire at Rohingya IDP camp in Pauktaw, 16 Jan 2014
Authorities report as an accidental fire. Husband and wife arrested.
Every time police commit atrocities, a fire is started elsewhere as a distraction.

After years of propaganda and dehumanisation, the acts of brutality towards the Rohingya are almost beyond belief.

A story is beginning to piece together of terrible atrocities that have happened this week in the village of Duchiradan (also known as KilaDong) in the township of Maungdaw, beginning on Sunday 12th December, that includes amongst other things reports of Rohingya taken as slaves, tied up, killed, chopped into pieces and dumped in the gutter, then starting the night of 13th and running through 14th January, women who were raped and had their breasts cut off before they were killed, a grandmother age 103 years old and her grandchildren slaughtered before the eyes of the police, as well as sweeping arrests of men, women and children of all ages. Now we are hearing many more people were indeed killed in that village and there are reports of dead bodies being taken away by the secuirty forces in trucks to be buried.

The full details of the story are here:

SHOCKING UPDATE HERE (out on 17th Jan needs investigating):

Authorities burying dead bodies:

Other villages threatened:

I have checked on sources. They are credible. Can't say more here as we need to protect them.

News is now emerging of sitings of lorries taking corpses away, no doubt to bury quickly in a mass grave well hidden somewhere (as has taken place before). We are investigating the exact location.

The Rohingya are still being hunted even now by security forces. Women, children and the elderly have taken shelter in nearby villages but the authorities have ordered that shelter not be provided.

The exact number of dead is difficult to quantify. We know there are many Rohingya now in prison, of all ages, both men, women and children, where they will be undergoing further unimaginable brutality even now as they are tortured into making false confessions.

Following the attack village leaders of surrounding villages were arrested for a short period and threatened:
On the 17th February we heard news that the village of Baggona was to be raided that night.
Farmland had been destroyed there two days before:
In the evening security foces and thugs carrying swords surrounded the area, but after much publicity it appears that the raid was called off and the Rohingya were spared, for now.

Further reports from earlier, as the story was emerging, are below:

The build up of hatred in the Maungdaw area, including the 969 group visiting to spread their propaganda at the end of December, can be seen here:

On the 15th January the well known government propaganda newspaper Eleven Myanmar put out a call for militias in the area: 

I write that the brutality is almost beyond belief, but we know very similar acts happened before in June 2012, in October 2012 and in March 2013 (the March event happened to Muslims in Meiktila, not the Rohingya, but was very similar in nature). In addition, there have been other smaller but still horrific acts over the past year of villages being burnt, property destroyed, women raped and men hacked to death.

On the 16th Januarya at the Rohingya IDP camp at Pauktaw, a huge fire broke out. Apparently this was accidental and as always the police were quick to arrest a Rohingya man in whose shelter it began. There are now hundreds without shelter and burn injuries too. Although this fire has been clearly reported as accidental, the feeling is that this has happened too many times now for it to be coincidence. On previous occasions when news has been breaking of clear atrocities committed by the Burmese security forces, similar accidental fires have broken out which have acted as a huge distraction.

The photos of the fire were stunning. We feared that they would take all the media attention and every effort from the ngos in the area to clean up, ensuring little attention was paid to the ongoing crimes taking place elsewhere. I have added one photo to this post to capture your attention, but the fire is not the real story, the ongoing crime against humanity taking place at Duchiradan (Kiladong) is the real story, and we have ensured that is where they eyes of the world are watching..

The Burmese government are denying all allegations. This was to be expected, the eighth stage of genocide is denial.


Government Statements 


Media Updates

16 Jan

17 Jan 2014


The world knows this is happening.

The media has actually reported on what is happening to the Rohingya, although it has not been given prime time viewing slots nor made main headlines. There are 76 videos here that give you an understanding of how this genocide has evolved:

Human Rights Watch have produced a number of reports documenting crimes against humanity.

Physcians for Human Rights produced a detailed report on the violence at Meiktila in March 2013.

The world knows what is happening, yet absolutely no action has been taken to stop this genocide since June 2012 when these attacks began, despite the Rohingya frequently calling for UN peacekeepers on the ground and international commissions of inquiry to be undertaken. This genocide has to end. The UN must act, but will only do so when we all raise our voices.

Please call for an urgent UN inquiry here:

Please also write to your local politician and media to alert them to this matter. Every voice is needed and makes a difference. Thank-you.

For more information and contacts to interview please tweet the following people:

You can find me here:

Please also follow for updates direct from Burma:

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