Tuesday, 16 April 2013

1 Rohingya shot dead and 3 injured whilst collecting bamboo

The following report I received today from a trusted Rohingya contact, regarding 1 Rohingya man shot dead and 3 others injured whilst collecting bamboo wood:
"I got this report on phone from the very village of the incident in Kyawk Taw.

Place: Tung Tung Hayar village Kyawktaw Township

Date: 14.4.2013
Time: 2:00pm
Location of incident: a mountain two miles from above village
About 50 people went to the mountain to get bamboos.
They went in a group for security reasons.
Some person from far away shot at the bamboo cutters.
There one was killed, another three were injuried.
The culprits are assumed to be Rakhine extremisst or ALP members, only those have fire guns in hand. Formerly the government seized nearly one thousand fire guns from local Rakhine

Dead:  Zafar Amad s/o Hussein 35 years

1) Omar Ali s/o Dilmohamad 45 years
2) Karlu s/o Sultan Ahmad 45 years
3) Mamaad Husein s/o Ahamad Sabi 20 years

The police and health department checked the death body and ordered for it to be buried." 

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