Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rohingya Report - video blog, insane torture of 64 families in Maungdaw

I've decided to start video blogging, out of desperation really. I'm watching this genocide unfold like a nightmare and still everyone is reporting it as 'intercommunal violence' when history and facts reveal it is clearly well organised ethnic cleansing with authority involvement.

Every day I'm asking myself what else I can do to help these people. I figure since I have a webcam and a voice and freedom of speech that I haven't fully been using all the resources available to me, so I just have to give this a try.

Excuse my blunders, I'm no professional, got not experience, but I'm a quick learner so stick with me I'll try get better with time.

I wasn't sure what to begin with. I'm blogging about the Rohingya not me so I decided not to introduce myself other than give my name - I guess a personal intro about me can come much later when the situation is not so critical.

I chose this story that I read on the Rohingya Blogger website yesterday, that I found truly appalling, 64 families that were insanely tortured in the township of Maungdaw for refusing to register as illegal Bengali immigrants. I believe this is worthy of investigation, but sadly another atrocity no doubt about to be buried with all the rest taking place that hardly get a glance.

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