Tuesday 30 October 2012

Rohingya: Final Wipe Out?

News is breaking of another clearance of the Rohingya Muslims from the state of Arakan in Burma. This is now looking far worse than the terrible violence in June that left 100000 homeless and many dead. They were given until 25th October to get out of their homes or face violence,  burnings of homes and killings are now in full swing. I have gathered all the news I could find on this here. Please let your governments and media outlets know this is a tragedy happening NOW. (this page will be updated as new links are found on this crisis)

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: It has been misreported in the media that this crisis is sectarian clashes. There are NO clashes, the violence is all one sided, this is ethnic cleansing backed by the police, with hatred whipped up against Muslims through state supported propaganda  and this has been clearly stated by excellent independent sources on the ground. Please try to convey this message.

NOTE - as of 1st October one of the important news sources which is listed below had its website suspended. Any links below for news.mmsy.info do not therefore currently work. I am trying to find out more about this and will leave the links below as the headlines themselves are important.

1st Nov

Burmese Muslims flock to displacement camps after fresh clashes with Buddhists - video

Best video coverage yet on the conflict. Watch to the end.

31st Oct

“We are not Rohingya/Bagali, We are Kaman” RFA interview with a Kyauk Ni Maw villager


(Refugee Updates) Arakan state government involuntarily relocated Muslim refugees


30th Oct

The persecution of the Rohingya: how a benighted minority in Burma suffer at the hands of despots

Children are dying now from starvation.

The world must act to protect Burma’s Rohingya from starvation and slaughter

Thousands are being starved to death out of sight.


Worst Feared for Ramree Islanders as UK Govt Offer Little Hope For Rohingya

Village of 7,000 surrounded by armed gang of 10,000. UK government don't appear to be doing anything and clearly have full confidence in the Burmese government.

Worrying Move to Transport All Refugess to Maungdaw

Rakhine youths have apparently been shipped in to Maungdaw and armed. Now the Rakhine have put out a message to transport all refugees to Maungdaw also. This is a very worrying development.

Rakhines Still Trying to Attack Kyaut Ni Maw (at 2:30PM)

Update from village still at risk of attack. Tension building.

1000 Rakhines Surround Kyaut Ni Maw, Confronted by the Army

6000 villagers surrounded by killers waiting to die put out a desperate plea for help.

News of 400 slaughtered

Approximately 400 dead in  Yan Theyk Village, Mrauk U Township killed on 23rd October. As of 28th October many more villagers there will now die without rescue.

Lieutenant General Hla Min said, “Rakhine People have more than enough Nationalistic sprit.”

A courageous lieutenant general realizes what is happening to  the Rohingya and speaks out, but will anyone listen?

Kyauktayan village was under the threat even after the inspection of Lt. General Hla Min.

List of instigators of violence given here. Army general visits village to critisize instigators of violence, then armed gangs gather to attack village next door when general leaves. Army trying to protect village. Problem of access to emergency healthcare.

Burma Village 'Under Attack by Petrol Bombs,' Say Unconfirmed Reports

Reports of petrol attacks, torching of another village.Little food and drink in camps. Scores injured without medical assistance.

Anti-Muslim Monk Wirathu’s Talk on Arakan Conflict

Wira Thu is one of the monks said to be propagating hatred towards Muslims, and is also said to be working for the government.

Burma's displaced Rohingyas in squalid and overcrowded camps

A really dire situation, just got worse.

‘Myanmar authorities not doing enough to protect Rohingyas’

With many boats stranded at sea HRW suggests that India should do the right thing in providing shelter and pushing other governments to also.

29th Oct

Anti-Rohingya and Muslim Violence Spreads to Karen State

In Pauk Taw 7,000 given until morning to leave field or be killed. Another 3,00 stuck in another field. 15,000 seeking shelter. 2 mosques bombed in Karen state. Refugees not getting aid. Global day of action on 8th November.

Mass killing and torching houses continued in Arakan State

Pauktaw Townshipn which contains 1,200 homes is ablaze. 53 bloats landed at Ohntaw (Bariza Para). 12 boats with 2,000 refugees landed at Tae Chaung of Akya where they have no aid and are surrounded by boarder police who are abusing them and starving them to death. Rakhine youths are being brought in to Maungdaw Township and armed to kill Muslims.

Heart-broken news received from the ground of Arakan State

21 boats were at sea 5 days without food or drink. Mothers gave birth on boats and died with their babies. Bodies thrown into sea by military. 14 boats allowed to land, 7 taken away by Navy location unknown. 100 died trying to defend mosque in Pike Seik Quarter in Kyawk Phyu.

Rohingya Boatpeople 'Helped On' at Sea off Thailand: More Likely to Flee

Boat carrying 100 Rohingya refugees makes it to Thailand waters but is not allowed to land.

Refugees accuse Burmese government of ignoring ethnic cleansing: 'If we stayed, we would have been killed'

A bell was rang before petrol bombs were thrown on their homes. Firfighters doused homes with petrol.

Turkey sends humanitarian aid to Arakan State

Although Turkey is sending aid it is very hard to deliver this to the Rohingya people. Expect much of this aid to feed the mouths of the killers, that is what has happened with much aid previously delivered.

16-year-old Muslim boy killed in Kyauktaw

Case report of one boy who was abducted and killed. (there are many more being killed like this)

Muslims in Yangon’s Thin Gan Gyune Threatened With Arson Attacks

Village at Yangon Thin Gan Gyune has been issued an arson attack warning, message delivered to a school.


28th Oct

Burmese Army Allow Further 2,300 Rohingya to Become Displaced

60 kids left behind fate unknown. Four boats destroyed. Border police torching houses. Rakhine attacking with guns.
'In the boats there are dead, sick and women - some with newborn babies. What an inhumane affair. This is an attempt to kill human beings in cold blood. This is an attempt to exterminate Rohingyas from Arakan.'

Foreign Secretary comments on continued violence in Rakhine state, Burma‏

'We deplore the latest spate of attacks which has caused many casualties, left tens of thousands of people displaced'.


27th Oct

HRW: Burma: New Violence in Arakan State

'Human Rights Watch fears the death toll is far higher based on allegations from witnesses fleeing scenes of carnage and the government’s well-documented history of underestimating figures.'
Damage Assessment Summary for Kyauk Pyu, based on satellite imagery recorded on morning of 25 October 2012 (note this is just one area that has been burnt, there are others)

Burma: 'Entire Neighbourhood Has Simply Disappeared'

Unusually accurate reporting from the BBC. Listen carefully.


Desperate plea from Rohingya organisations around the world. Confirmation of report that firefighters doused flames with petrol, and police and army backing of crimes.

Appeal by a US Physician to the State Department

'I propose the US take the lead in negotiating a facilitated exodus for the Rohingya who chose to leave. The OIC has proposed ~200 million dollars in relief...Please don’t let this be another Bosnia, Nazi Germany and Rwanda where the international community steps in only in time to dig up or bury the dead.'

Refugees Run Out of Food and Fuel in Sin Tat Maw

Brave villagers seek to give refuge to 3,500 arriving in boats but they risk attack on their own village to do so and do not have enough food to feed everyone. These refugees are waiting to die.

Urgent collective international action needed to protect the Rohingya

'Scores of terrorized villagers fleeing in boats have reportedly been drowned; and many dead bodes are now floating in the sea and rivers. The resultant effects of the mass atrocities, in terms of human and material loss, are too great. In particular, the port city of Kyaukpyu has now been ethnically cleansed of the people of Islamic faith.'

No permission to land Rohingya load boats in Maungdaw south

'The Nasaka (border police) personnel are not giving permission local people to give any help to boats; foods, water, fuel and medicines. In the boats, there are female and children, accompany with elderly person.'

News Report by Myanmar’s Islamic Religious Affairs Council on Arakan Terror

Translated status report of crimes from previous day.

26th Oct

Update from excellent independent sources on ground:
"26th October am: multiple boats, which included some dead woman and children, with ~8000 Muslim survivors from KyaukPyu assault came ashore in Maungdaw South. International relief teams responded with many trucks full of relief supplies and provisions but Military Border Forces prohibited any of this relief from reaching these survivors. Border forces allowed only 4 boats ashore while photos were taken of Border Force showing assistance. The remaining boats, which included dead women and babies, were rerouted over 40 miles up the Naaf River to Taungbro, which is ~100 yards from Bangladesh where there is no international relief."

Direct update from excellent source on ground in Arakan state:

"Though Rakhine Buddhist civilians and monks have threatened anyone giving aid to Rohingya, international relief and local Muslims has responded to large number of boats with as many as 10,000 Muslims escaping from at least Kyauk Pyu...landing in Sittwe and Maungdaw South with dead babies, children and women included. Many boats havebeen turned away by Rakhine Buddhists in Sittwe."

Violence Spreads To Kaman Ethnicity Whilst 10,000 Rohingya Are Rendered Displaced

Newly born baby + mother shot. 10000 adrift at see. Mass grave 200 bodies discovered.

Hundreds Killed, Thousands Floating on the Sea Facing Starvation

State sponsored ethnic cleansing. Confirmed reports of hundreds killed. Mass grave with 200 buried.

Rohingya campaigners accuse Burma of failing to stop deaths

Burmese government complicit in a “final clearance of the Rohingya people”. 

The Navy Refuses Ethnic Kaman Refugees in Sittwe

5000 to 6000 refugees with nowhere to go,, including woman in labour, starving to death.


Yaan-Byay Township’s Kaman Muslims’ Block are being set fire now

Not just Rohingya Muslims but Kamam Muslims too are now being removed.


Official Arakan Death Toll Rises to 112

When even the official government spin doctors are announcing a death toll of 112 in 5 days you know something very serious is happening. Of cause for alarm is a state government announcement that the authorities would not allow more evacuees to enter the city [of Sittwe which is where all the boats of refugess were heading, the only place they had to go].

US, UN React to Arakan Violence

The USA have pledgede $2.73 million for displaced people in the Arakan State. I guess that would build a nice house or two in the USA.

High US Treasury official meets with Thein Sein

Whilst the Rohingya were being massacred on Thursday, US officials were meeting with Thein Sein to discuss trade and the removal of all economic sanctions.

Breaking News of Pauk Taw Township, Arakan

4 villages burnt at 12.30am. Thousands homeless fled to sea. Boats told not to land until they reach town where Rakhine are waiting to kill them. People in boats adrift at sea for days without food or drink.

25th Oct

UN Statement

'large scale loss of human lives'


360 dead and destroy 3500 homes in renewed clashes in Arakan State

More than 200 bodies in mass grave at Maruk-U

Please see @Aungaungsittwe and https://plus.google.com/photos/101220847155228357407/albums/5803174743090174673?banner=pwa for more recent images from Burma

Latest Images from Burma on the Rohingya Crisis



International Response May Be Too Late for Rohingya

Reports from 5 townships and sad news that 3 of RestlessBeings sources have also been killed in Burma.

Burma Massacre Fears: Reports of Phase II Expulsion of Unwanted Rohingya

Two Rohingya callers report. 90 herded into boat then men shot women raped. 1000 fled into mountains around Sittwe.


Kyaukpyu’s Muslim Quarter Razed to the Ground

Noone left in Muslim quarter. All heading to Sittwe in boats, or killed, with weapons such as machetes. Eleven admitted to hospital.


Students call for removal of Rohingya villages

More than 800 students joined a rally to call for an end to “studying with terrorist Bengalis” and for the removal of Muslim villages on the road to the university.

Muslims in Myae Pon are starving, Chief Police Officer Is Leading the Violence

Refugees fear death by starvation.Reports that Police Chief Thar San is leading the killing.


Police accused of provocation in Burma violence

A Burmese Muslim politician says local police in Burma's Rakhine state are instigating violence

Violence in Arakan Spread to Kyaut Taw Today

At 6:30 AM, Rakhines have started burning down houses at Lat Saung Kaut village. Those fleeing the area were shot by the Rakhine Army. local witness reports 7 deaths.


Three Ferries Carrying Muslim Refugees Were Attacked in Arakan: Many Died

3 ferries reported as attacked the previous day, and victims including women chopped up. One 10 year old boy escaped.


Setting fire and killing Rohingyas resumes in Kyauk Taw

Burning of 20 houses began at 5.30am whilst Muslims praying in the mosque. Two shot dead, one seriously injured.

Radio Free Asia’s Interview With A Muslim Fleeing To The Sea

Interview with guy in his boat who reported 7000 were at sea trying to flee the violence, chased out of their homes by Rakhines with swords. All homes burnt. He saw 3 youths shot dead.


24th Oct

Ultimatum issued to get out of houses by 25th October 

Reports of firefighters arriving with tank full of petrol instead of water to put on blazing homes.


Security in Pak Taw Township Now Uncertain

Village told by secuirty forces they could not be protected. Seven men went to hire ferries to help villagers escape but the Rakhines arrested them. 'Since they are in Rakhines’ hands, they won’t come alive. Their bodies won’t even come back.'


News of Rohingya in Pauktaw, Mre Bon and Kaukphyu Tsp

Pauktaw: Men slaughtered in front of women and children in river, young boy espaped. Kyauk Phyu: 600 killed trying to escape by boat.  Mre Bon: 600 homes burnt, deaths unknown.


Rohingyas Float Dead in River As Fish 

3000 peoples' homes burnt to ground. 100 corpses floating after boat overturned just one 13 year old escaped. 1300 stuck on river bank got just a few hours to escape or be killed.
More than 15,000 floating in boats fate unknown. Rakhines planning to kill the people in the boats.


Not Expecting to See Sunlight - 2000 Rohingya Await Death

In Minbya, the only remaining Rohingya village, Lombaichar, has 850 Rohingya homes which are now completely encircled by a 7,000 strong Rakhine force. 2000 remaining Rohingya do not expect to see sunlight.
Above article 'expressed fear that Kyauk Pru island town has been comletely over-run - leaving 10,000 displaced after all houses were razed and burnt to ashes'. That's got to be good news for this project about to begin:


300 Trapped Awaiting Death

Other than death, other options seem completely unlikely.

 Hundreds Killed and Thousands of Homes Destroyed in Arakan State

Eyewitness account of approximately 100 + 350 women and children + 200 (total 650) slaughtered, 600 + 100 + 600 homes burnt (total 1300 homes), plus people jumping in river with nowhere to go.

Burma's Rohingya face 'new wave of violence'

'suggests that a concerted campaign has begun to drive Rohingya out of this district'

Latest News on Rakhine Terror in Arakan State (Oct 24 @ 11: 30AM)

Eyewitness reports, people chopped up with swords, women and children put on boats but Navy threaten to shoot them. Fire on four sides, people with nowhere to go.

Rakhine Student Union in Sittwe to Remove Muslims from Villages and Schools

Rally gathering now in Sittwe.

Burma clashes spread to new districts

Even the government says 1,000 homes have been burnt (so it must be bad!)

Anti-Muslim Hate Letters Spreading in Yangon Outskirts

Hate letters are now being distributed by the Patriotic Youth Network with propaganda to turn people against the Rohingya Muslims


23rd Oct

More than 800 houses burn out in Minbya and Maruk-U

Rohingya Unrest Continues - 100 killed

100 feared dead, 26 raped, 200,000 stranded in homes with nowhere to go.

Rakhine Terroristsand RNDP Party are Meeting in Mrauk Oo and Minbya Tsps for Further Killing of Rohingya

Police tell Rohingya to leave villages or be killed

16 Oct Demonstration Against Muslim Office: Monks Whipped Up in the Hatred (preparation for massacre?)

Leaked video footage from June 2012


Remember Rohingya, a Restless Beings Report




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